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  • Beauty Essential Treatments

    For everyday cleansing of the skin, Bellefontaine Switzerland has designed a range of 5 key products.

    The Beauty Essential Treatments gently cleanse and prepare the skin to fully receive the virtues of the successive cares.

  • Moisturizing Essential Treatments

    A good moisturization is the key to get a healthy-looking skin.

    The Moisturizing Essential Treatments meet the needs of normal to dry and sensitive skins in a targeted way, thanks to a range of 7 exclusive products combining moisturizing, comfort and protection. These Essential Treatments will maintain the water content in the upper layers of the skin in a continuous, regulated, and long-lasting way, thus helping it fight against environmental influences.

  • Lightening Essential Treatments

    The objective of the Lightening Essential Treatments is to regain a porcelain-like complexion, reduce unaesthetic brown spots and counteract the effects of environmental aggressions.

    This line meets the specific needs of skins in search of unity and fairness, thanks to a range of 6 exclusive products combining botanical extracts with clarifying and anti-spots effects.

  • Anti-Aging Essential Treatments

    With time, the skin progressively loses its firmness, freshness and elasticity. The Anti-Aging Essential Treatments meet the needs of mature and devitalized skin in a targeted way, thanks to a range of 8 exclusive products offering vitality, remineralization and firmness. These Essential Treatments help to stimulate the tissue cohesion, thus improving the firmness and smoothing away the wrinkles and expression lines.

  • Purifying Essential Treatments

    Mixed and oily skin that wishes to regain a healthy-looking appearance, have to focus on day-to-day simple gestures providing purity and balance.
    The Purifying Essential Treatments meet the needs of oily skin in a targeted way, thanks to a range of 6 exclusive products that purify, normalize and redefine the skin texture.

  • Specific Essential Treatments

    To reach the perfection in the art of beauty care, Bellefontaine Switzerland has created the Specific Essential Treatments which are declined in 7 anti-wrinkle and soothing deluxe products to use on a daily basis.

  • Anti-Aging Caviar Treatments

    The Anti-Aging Caviar Treatments Bellefontaine Switzerland meet perfectly the needs of devitalized, tired or mature skin.

    Thanks to the Caviar, rich in natural proteins, minerals and essential amino acids, it improves the cell metabolism and the skin’s moisture. Enriched with precious active ingredients of Iris Isoflavones, Collagen, Gold and Silk Peptides, the luxurious anti-aging caviar treatments boost the collagen and elastin production and reinforce the skin barrier against external aggressions. Skin regenerates itself and is plumped. The appearance of lines and fine lines is reduced… leaving your skin looking smoother, re-densified and firmer.

  • Cellstemine Treatments

    The Cellstemine line, developed with highly selected plant stem cells, offers efficient anti-aging treatments that protect skin stem cells.
    Rare and collected in the heart of plants, plant stem cells demonstrate surprising qualities and are able to infuse a tremendous boost of youth and life to skin stem cells.

  • Ultra Suncare Protection

    Ultra Suncare Protection SPF50 PA+++ face cream and body emulsion give an efficient 2 in 1 solution, providing both sun protection against UVB and UVA rays, and anti-aging action in the same product. The light and non-greasy textures of these two suncares, allied with a fresh and delicate fragrance, penetrate easily into the skin to leave it clear and soft.

  • Body Beauty Rescue

    Quintessence of luxury and anti-aging effectiveness, Bellefontaine enriched its deluxe skincare line with the Body Beauty Rescue line including 14 targeted products.
    A complete care line for body to preserve health and beauty of the skin and the silhouette at every stage of life: stress, weight loss, menopause and aging process.

  • Bellefontaine for Men
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Showing 1 - 12 of 61 items